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Louis Fratino is an American visual artis. Fratino moved on from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD in 2015. Fratino was a beneficiary of a Fulbright Research Fellowship in Painting, Berlin, 2015– 2016 and a Yale Norfolk Painting Fellowship, Norfolk, CT in 2014. Fratino gathers showed kids’ books. A portion of his artworks depend on the photos of Vince Aletti in Male. Workmanship faultfinder Holland Carter composes of Fratino’s artistic creations, “Apparently painted for the most part in a similar inside, they are additionally hot with the delight of lying-around-the-house family life, of shared security.

Furthermore, they are hot too with painterly consideration and savviness — welcoming a comparable examination from the watcher. Almost every brush stroke and imprint, everything about goods and body hair, has its very own real existence. Also, Antwaun Sargent writes in The New York Times, Fratino and these other contemporary gay figure craftsmen share a theory, notwithstanding their distinctive style: They’re altogether dedicated to mirroring the for the most part concealed inside existences of the men they respect, and to commending a various arrangement of subjects who, taken together, remain contrary to an accepted history of craftsmanship that has since quite a while ago disregarded a transparently gay perspective on the male body.